At all times, the human tried to read time on earth, sea and sky. All smart systems have been under different constraints during these long travels. To ensure the accuracy of their embedded timepieces, the most famous "chronometers" were involed in adjusting  these mecanichal jewellery. Today, the Observatoire chronometrique+ guarantees the complete watch achievement, according our shared heritage, from our famous "chronometers".

Astronomy concerns the study of the apparent movement of planets in the sky. This science allowed the development of other sciences such as horology.
Main travels and seas understanding have been made possible by the combination of astronomy and horology knowledges.
Thougth out his history, the human dreamed, created and then improved any kind of devices to be able to read time. This science draws upon its origins from the deeply observation of stars.
Observatories, in particular these main monuments dedicated to stars observation, imbed chronometry department. This department is in charge to deliver specific report for timepiece devices with a high level of accuracy.