Certification process

Panel of testing : water resistance, chronometry standards for watch-head with an additional dynamic testing of wearing simulation , … the "Observatoire Chronométrique+" certified timepieces with a high level of accuracy.

The certification can be performed in the depositor plant.

Assessment criteria

To obtain the required report, the timepiece must respect specific criteria (can be different depending of the timepiece group)

The 3 main criteria used to evaluate the value of a timepiece are : 

  1. Average daily rate
  2. Difference between the rate on flat and hanging positions
  3. Variation of the rate depending of temperature

1. Average daily rate

The average daily rate is the arithmetic mean of the daily rates of the 10 first testing days.

2.  Difference between the rate in flat and hanging positions of the watch

The difference is obtains by the subtraction of the average daily rate on 6H watch position on 1st & 2nd testing day, with the average daily rate on top dial watch position on 9th & 10th testing day. 

3. Variation of the rate function of the temperature

The variation is obtains by the subtraction of the daily rate calculated at 38°C with the one calculated at 8°C, all divided by the temperature range (all in Celsius unit).