The "Observatoire Chronométrique+" submit each Timepiece to a complete panel of laboratory testing to ensure a high level of achievements.  A Timepiece certified "Observatoire chronométrique+" ensures the confidence in an horological product compliant with the international standards (ISO).

According the testing panel such as water resistance, chronometry standards for watch-head completed with the "wearing simulation" dynamic testing,… the "Observatoire Chronométrique+" certifies watches with a high level of accuracy.
Water resistance is a key feature for a reliable watch. The slightest trace of humidity or dust could damage the movement or affect its running. The Observatoire Chronométrique+ ensure that every certified watch is tested with the values stated by manufacturers.
The resistance to the magnetic field is a key feature for a reliable watch. Today, many of disturbances can affect the appropriate watch running.
L'Observatoire Chronométrique+ ensures that the time lag is as insignificant as possible, for every certified chronometer watch.
For a watch, a power reserve is the remaining energy required for its running. The Observatoire Chronométrique+ ensures that the duration indicated by the power reserve is accurate in order to avoid an unexpected stop.