A label under control

Governance of the "Observatoire Chronométrique+"

The "Observatoire Chronométrique+", the label of the Swiss certification of the High-Horology, only brings value if the guidelines are fully controlled.

Dedicated bodies are in charged of overseeing its implementation : a legislative body, an executive body and a legal body are handling independently these activities. 

The Foundation board of the Geneva Laboratory of Horology and Microengineering, is the highest body, delegated by the Geneva state of board. The foundation represents the legal body and acts as the responsible of the "Observatoire Chronométrique+". 

The technical committee of the "Observatoire Chronométrique+"represents the legislative body. It is in charge of the criteria definition and standards updates depending of the technological innovations.

The function of the executive board is on the "Observatoire Chronométrique+" laboratory hands. Supported by the departments of Homologation, Certification and Inspection, the "Observatoire Chronométrique+" can at anytime control all criteria applied during each production step of timepieces.


State Board

The executive functions and the head office are delegated to the State Board of the canton, fully involving 7 members.

The head office of the State Board is subdivided in departments managed by its own State Advisor (Minister).

Foundation board

The Laboratory is established as a foundation of private law under the guidance of the State. The Foundation board involves 7 members appointed by the State board : 

  •  1 representative proposed by the department of Financials;
  • 1 representative proposed by the Department of the Economy;

  • 1 representative proposed by the Department of Finance;

  •  3 representatives from the field of Geneva watchmaking proposed by the Union of Watchmakers of Geneva, Vaud and Valais.

The headquarters is in the Canton of Geneva and the role of President is fulfilled by one of the representatives proposed by the Department of Public Instruction, the Department of the Economy or the Department of Finance.

The Foundation Council submits the organisation’s rules and the general working conditions of qualified personnel for approval by the Council of State.

Technical Committee

The technical committee supervises the "Observatoire chronométrique+" activities. The committee involves 5 members, depending of their qualifications and expertise, appointed every 5 years by the foundation board. 
A member appointed by the Foundation board leads the committee. The Director participates to the committee works through a consultative voice. 


  • The "Observatoire chronométrique+" committee is in charge to determine the reliable technical level required on the different watch pieces.
  • It defines the guidelines of the  "Observatoire chronométrique+" and ensures their full compliance.